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Best month to start a contest?
18 deviants said NOW
14 deviants said June
11 deviants said May
8 deviants said March
7 deviants said July
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Character feature

Wed Jan 21, 2015, 4:57 AM
[EDIT 2]
MOAR SLOTSSSS!!!! :D I'm loving this thing!!! Red Bird La La La La La La La La La La La La La La 
But remember, it's not a free feature! To be featured
you need to do the same thing
in your journal, as for tag games! ;)

I like this thing! :)
More constructive and useful than a tag game ;D

1. For the first 10 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most, and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one).

2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

Opal Reference by acierr
Looking through the gallery I saw many nice characters...Opal is the one I liked most. Apart your very nice style, with curvy and proportioned bodies (but still recalling the Sonic canons), I like the very light pink of her fur. It's not a strong color, it doesn't burn your eyes. the strong presence of white and light colors is balanced with the black of her sleeves and shoes. Her attitude makes me think about a very reflexive character and I like it. Other two details I apreciated are the way one of her quills goes over her forehead a bit like a fringe and the way her back quills go a bit upwards.

E's Design by Sombaholic
-Empress E-
Empress was yet a well planned character! (as much as your other characters) but the redesign made me like her even more. To be honest, I was initially perplexed about the shoes/socks but they were matching the coat, so... that worked anyway! In the new design I see that her shoes/socks are replaced by black pants and a big scarf. I always liked this kind of match (The fact I used it on Holly's outfit and first at all Fannie's and Kita's BOOM/SURVIVORS outfits is not really a case ;D).
In addition to all this, there's her long braid, that makes her look more dynamic.

Jackie Info by WindyCityPuma
A beaver character... they're not very very common and that's yet a nice thing to see! I like how the fur/hair color are in contrast with the eyes color. The character look and her outfit pastel colors makes think about a sophisticated attitude.

Isabella Redesign by Sammi-Arts
Looking through your gallery I noticed this and... I couldn't not fall in love for her design! The blue makes a nice contrast with the hair/suede boots color, and makes her white fur stand out! The sweater design makes its work too :3 I like the "sleeveless + turtleneck" concept! Her pose makes me think about a shy character and that makes her even cuter! I hope to see more of her soon! ^^

It's true that I love almost every character you design, because you have a really unique style... but this cutie is probably my favourite! I like her attitude, being half puppy half "human" and that fits greatly the fact she's actually a snuggly 'n cuddly character! Her being a bit chubby and her pois dress adds more cuteness to the whole design, and I really like how her ears look a bit like pigtails! So much love for her!

Xero the A.I. - SA style by Shi-Ryuu
A nice character, whose the details make him look unique! I like the "circuit" marks on his face, and his simple but still nice looking outfit! The fur color is the perfect halfway between blue and purple and it's a nice touch! Keep it up and I hope to see more of him soon!

fursona ref by Emilykiii
No way... I literally fell in love for her! ;V; This cutie (that seems a squirrel, with biiiig ears *v*)
has a lot of nice details... for example the color palette that includes all similar colors that make me think about autumn, or her blonde hair... but the expression inspires infinite cuddles!
I really hope to see more of her! ;V;

Coco the fox. (Amber the fox) by little-honey16
You drew a really cute character! The ribbon recalls a bit her four tails, the outfit matches perfectly her fur color, making a palette of very similar colors that makes the whole design work pretty well! About the clothing design, I like how you made her suit an "one-piece" thing, it's a nice idea!

A child at heart by miraculous-melody
A childhearted kitty! I really like her outfit, with all those stars on it! Her light yellow fur matches her outfit pretty well. The black bang on her forehead breaks somehow the seriality of her hair color, giving her look a more dynamic feeling! Well done!

Ethel Reference by MarrozTheCat
Ethel is my favourite of your characters so far! Absolutely! ;U; She's an 11 old energic kid that... brings happyness just seeing her! The jeans, the top, the gloves and the flats are all colored with a different but still similar color (and that still works)... and her whole outfit makes a nice contrast with her fur color! The black marks around her eyes makes her even more expressive and... that's one of the things I love more! Do more of heeeer! >U<

2013 Ref: Thistle the Pangolin by Safyran
There aren't so much pangolin characters around in the Sonic Fandom, and this one is really well planned! :) The skin color and the outfit color are almost complementary and that makes a nice contrast :) I love the quills shape over her head and the fact they continue until the tail... using the quills as eyebrows was a nice move! I hope to see more of what seems to be one of your best characters! ;D

OC- Jaci the Jaguar by lightvanille
Despite SEGA never made a jaguar/cheetah character, Jaci's style reminds a lot how SEGA would probably draw a character of this kind. The simple design, the particular hairstyle and the light green in her outfit makes me immediately think about a tribal character and that makes me really really like Jaci! :3 MOAR OF HEEER!!!

Nefera info sheet by BreezyMania
Nefera's fur color goes well along with her hair color. The lipstick stands out pretty well but not too much to be unpleasant to see. The black-red outfit looks good on her, since red is a warm color as her fur color. I particularly like her hairstyle and her boots design, not having the top tongue, part of her fur is visible, giving her a sexy touch that looks good on her.

Sisterly Shenanigans :: Commission by Amalika
No doubt, my favourite between all your characters is Amalika Cooney! ;D Her colors are all close and that makes her design look compact but... several details, as her metal devices make the look more complete! I particularly like your furry style and...well, I'd just grab and snuggle that tail! =W= Really a great character!

What to Wear? by scotskunk
Your skunk character is very well designed! I especially love her head design and hairstyle, to not talk about the tail. One of the things I like most is her set of outfits :) they're all well planned and the color scheme (blue or red) fits her very well and gives more life to the whole image since black highlights other colors, in my opinion. It's always nice to see pics of her!

New Character: Bli'ni by Genisay
Between all of your characters Bli'ni is surely my favourite! Her tribal style caught my eye! I like how you mixed her quills with a tuft of hair, and I also apreciate the decision to color her skirt/pareo in azure/turquoise... it makes me think about sea, or something, especially looking at the shell-shaped clasp at her side! The golden accessories give depth to this character.
I hope to see more of her soon! ^^


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