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February 21, 2013
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Relaxing at the wharf by mARTz-9o Relaxing at the wharf by mARTz-9o
There are certain moments I would do the same >> Especially this period, since I'm a little stressed due to the exams I had to prepare xD least Fannie can do it xD

Well... I let you talk ^^
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I must be honest, this picture is an authentic masterpiece! =) Contours, bright colours, reflections and highlights are just perfect. The idea of rendering Fannie who enjoys a pleasant little vacation on a tropical isle is truly excellent :lol: At least she relaxes for a while. Anyway, I find that vision is peerless, since trees and shrubs have been drawn in an absolutely flawless manner. In addition to this, Fannie's boots, her body (from head to foot) are just splendid, too! And then I believe it is a very original drawing, on account of the style unique of its kind (and that vaunts innumerable attempts of imitation, in my opinion =D). Apart from this, well, I've already said that the technique is outstanding, and I repeat it: I just love this kind of art and drawing. Finally, I think it gives a very good and positive impact to the ones who look at this wonderful illustration.
My final comment is: Marty, you rock! Keep on this way! :thumbsup:
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you mixed the colors perfectly and you can see everything so clearly. you can even see her claws its just beautiful everythings perfect even the ripples in the water is perfect and its perfect to look at for a hot day i could imagine being in her place its truley a wonderful peice im very happy to write this because its the truth nobody could make this any more perfect its so very perfect its vision to impact is a hundred 100% its really a wonderful peice i truely love it its one of the best peices i have ever seen
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Nothing like a small dip in the cool coastal waters eh?

Oh and are you doing okay?
lifegiving Dec 16, 2013
I exactly really admire this pic ;w;
it's fanny the black cat relaxing it seems C:
she looks so calm and happy too.
and she can enjoy the cool water for her feet to cool down :dummy:
thats the best way to cool down into a warm weather like that (or you go to the southpole or northpole, but thats a little hard.. or you go eating ice cream , but she can't go getting ice cream around there it seems) ah well
at least she feels free and keeps looking pretty.
the background looks really great too , I really love that here , the water especially ! it's like from a real cartoon! 
as well great job on the whole idea C:
now let's just relax :3
mARTz-9o Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
eheh thank you a lot >U<
Doing that background was very hard because that time I colored the lineart and... it was the hardest thing I ever did xDDD As much as the water :)
I'm glad you like it! :heart:
lifegiving Dec 16, 2013
You are more than welcome
I was randomly going trough your gallery when I saw this little masterpiece!
Haha , I surely do understand , that's why it should be placed somewhere on a special place ^^
I really love that background , really!

I dont like DX
I love it :)
something like that :nod:
mARTz-9o Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ohhh you're gentle as always :heart::hug:
Thank you a lot! ;U;
lifegiving Dec 16, 2013
Awwww >< , it's just how I am ;w; :cuddle:

It's really my pleasure -^.^-
I love it.
Sonic808 May 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cute!
Theoretical-Chaos May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
there are times where i truly wish to get away from it all... maybe for a week or two. at least i got skyrim to get me away from things for a while. i must say... fannie is pretty cute... <D
angelic-1ove Apr 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I wish I was with Fannie there right now ;n; I have this presentation on Monday, and if I dont pass, I don't graduate :iconsonicffffplz:

This must be my favorite picture from you so far now! I really love the tropical and relaxing theme. The way you shade and blend colors to make them look all shiny really attracts me to the picture itself. The water's my favorite part of the background.

And Fannie... She's so pretty! Love your anatomy and the way you draw fan characters. Her eyes are to die for! ~ :heart: Hoping to see more from you! ~:star:
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